Richard McMaster is the curator of the original and best Ableton Live Warping Service for Dj's and Music Producers worldwide. The personal warping service renowned for quality and reliability

Ableton Live Warping Service delivers the complete solution for warping, audio file editing and library management for anyone who uses Ableton Live as well as Vinyl to Digital conversion.

Warping of your music collection is completed to the highest of standards giving you piece of mind when performing live. Warping of material to be used for original music production and remix projects is carried out with meticulous care, allowing you to confidently transfer your work between your music production software of choice whether that be Protools, Logic Pro, Cubase or any other audio editing and sampling software. All audio file editing, vinyl to digital conversion and general library management requests are considered. This professional Ableton file management company has built up vast experience through completing a diverse range of Ableton projects for a long list of loyal clients.

The cost for warping modern electronic music is £1gbp per track to include start points, considered outro loops and a rock solid warping grid across your track.

For all other variations: pop music, disco music, complex electronica, early dance music, vinyl rips and accapellas the price is generally £2gbp upwards. Please contact with specific information about any variations on modern electronic music to receive a quote.

Paypal is the preferred method of safe and secure payment.

For file transfer please see 'Contact'. For the shipment of external hard drives and vinyl, please request for postal address. For anything Ableton Live just get in touch.